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Constant Force for Membrane Roofing

Constant Force for Membrane Roofing

MSA's Latchways fall protection solutions, incorporating Constant Force Posts, can be installed on all the major membrane roofing systems including single-ply and bituminous on steel, concrete and timber decks. The system operates horizontally and along inclines and can be designed to accommodate up to three simultaneous users.

The Constant Force posts are top fixed to the roof sheet with mechanical anchors or toggle bolts by a process that does not compromise the integrity of the roof. Equally important, in the event of a fall, all the loads generated on the system are absorbed by the Constant Force posts and therefore no damage is impacted on the roof sheets to which they are attached.

To enhance the overall aesthetic appearance, the Constant Force posts can be supplied colour matched to the roofing sheets.


MSA is a member of the Single Ply Roofing Association. SPRA represents membrane manufacturers, associated component manufacturers and specialist sub-contractors and aims to ensure the delivery of best value single ply roofing systems, through a quality assured partnership. By specifying products and specialist installation by SPRA Manufacturer, Associate and Contractor members you can be assured that all parties meet strict quality criteria. Compliance with these criteria and with the Code of Conduct is assessed at application, by annual audit and by random spot checks. For further information, and to obtain copies of the SPRA Design Guide and other documents, go to www.spra.co.uk or call 0115 914 4445.

Testing / Maintenance

  • System testing must be conducted annually to ensure that system certification is maintained. Key system checks such as integrity of the Constant Force posts, swage tests and torque checks are part of this process. System testing and maintenance should only be undertaken by trained and certified installers. Contact Latchways Sales Department for details of certified installers.

User Instructions

  • Only attach to the system by means of a retractable fall arrest lanyard and full body harness conforming to the appropriate safety standards.
  • Always check pre-tension before use.
  • No more than the maximum number of personnel as defined in the system user instructions should attach to the system.
  • Further details are available in the user instructions.


MSA Latchways fall protection system, incorporating the Constant Force post, can be deployed across virtually all the major standing-seam roof types.

ManSafe for Roofing has Constant Force posts specifically for all major membrane roof manufacturers

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