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Temporary Rope System

Temporary Rope System

Wind Turbine fall protection for the construction phase

Wind Turbine fall protection is a key consideration during both installation and maintenance. Latchways Temporary Rope Systems provide fall protection during the construction phase of an onshore wind turbine. Single Point anchors are installed onto the wind turbine ladder at the point of manufacture and provide a top and bottom anchor onto which the temporary rope system is fitted.

Installation process

Factory installation
Whilst each turbine section is lying horizontally, Single Point Anchors are fitted to the top and bottom of each ladder.

On-site installation
The Temporary Rope System is connected to top and bottom Single Point Anchors on the ladder. The rope is then pre-tensioned, using the pulley device to remove any slack, and turbine sections are lifted into place.

Turbine assembly
Once the turbine sections have been lifted into place the Temporary Rope Systems can then be used to provide fall protection whilst the permanent
ManSafe® cable system is installed.

Cable system installation
As soon as the vertical ManSafe system is installed the temporary rope systems can be removed and stored back in the bag for future use (or for further construction stages). The temporary rope system is designed for a maximum of 2 users with a max weight of 150 kg each (including tools etc.).


Single point anchor

Single Point Anchors
The installation of Single Point Anchors at platform levels means future climbers, during the turbines’ operation, can remain permanently attached whilst attaching/detaching to the cable system at these positions. Single Point Anchors are, in accordance with EN 50308, painted yellow.

Attachement device

Attachment Device
In the event of a fall, the climbing device (connected via the chest D-ring on a harness) will lock and arrest a fall. The device has been tested to 150 kg.

Storage bag

Storage Bag
The system is neatly housed in a durable storage bag which, with a built-in body strap, can be worn by the user during installation, and facilitates the rope to pay-out in an even manner.

Temporary Rope System

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