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WinGrip Barrier System

Latchways WinGrip Barrier System

Latchways WinGrip Barrier System is part of MSA's range of WinGrip vacuum anchor fall protection systems, offering multi personnel protection. Developed in 2007 the WinGrip Barrier System provided a solution to working at height on aircraft during manufacture and maintenance when multiple workers were required in a specific area.

Initially designed for Boeing and suitable for C and D checks, the system consists of a series of upright stanchions and horizontal rails. The stanchion is connected at the base to a WinGrip vacuum pad and is fully adjustable ensuring a perfect installation on flat or curved surfaces. The horizontal rails are adjustable in length and angle allowing any shape of system to be installed. The layout can be changed easily at any time and the system can be supplied to enclose any size area from one square metre to the entire upper surface of an aircraft.

The system can be installed by one worker in complete safety and once set up will provide an enclosed safe working environment for an unlimited number of workers for any length of time. Workers do not need to use harnesses or lanyards, and they require only basic training to work within the system. The Latchways WinGrip Barrier System provides the ultimate in work at height safety by eliminating all fall risks.

Features & Benefits

  • Group fall protection solution
  • Minimal training required
  • Suitable for long-term maintenance, C- and D-checks
  • Easy to install
  • Provides an enclosed safe working area
  • No need to use harnesses and lanyards
  • No size restrictions, can cover the whole surface of an aircraft

All WinGrip systems are thoroughly tested to exceed industry requirements.

WinGrip call backWinGrip barrier system uses vacuum anchors to provide collective protectionWinGrip barrier system installed on an aircraft