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WinGrip Multiple-User Lifeline System

Latchways WinGrip Multiple-User Lifeline System

MSA's  Latchways WinGrip Multiple-user Lifeline System is for several workers, and is part of MSA's range of Latchways WinGrip vacuum anchor fall protection systems. This system allows up to 4 users to work together at any one time offering hands-free movement along the whole cable length.

The system comprises two end-anchor vacuum pads with cables between, intermediate anchors can be used as necessary dependent upon the cable length.

Each anchor is positioned and then vacuum locked in place, with stainless steel safety cables connected and tensioned at one end. Workers wearing full body harnesses and positioning ropes are linked to the cable using MSA's unique Latchways shuttle. The shuttle glides over the intermediate anchors facilitating free movement along the whole length of the cable.

Typical Layout of a Multiple-user System

Typical Layout of a Multiple-user System

Features & Benefits

  • Suitable for all aircraft
  • Available in any length to suit any wing
  • Ideal for heavy maintenance or longer access requirements
  • Multi-user, with up to 4 users per system
  • Fall arrest rated
  • Safe method of installation and strip down
  • Suitable for use with the Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) to facilitate rescue

All WinGrip systems are thoroughly tested to exceed industry requirements.

History of the Lifeline System

In 2005 MSA developed the lifeline system following a request from Airbus who required four users to walk the full length of any wing without having to detach.

Airbus use this system extensively across all the Airbus aircraft types and specify WinGrip to all Airbus customers as the only system to use whilst working on their aircraft. Airbus Aircraft from an A318 to an A380, have a dedicated WinGrip part number.

Boeing also specify the WinGrip lifeline systems to their customers, and use the WinGrip lifelines in their aircraft production.

The WinGrip Lifelife is suitable for all aircraft, from ATR to an Antonov, with systems specifically designed to suit. For further information on relevant part numbers see our comprehensive list of aircraft and their fall protection systems.


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