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WinGrip Single-User System

Latchways WinGrip Single-User System

The Latchways WinGrip Single-User system is the original part of MSA's range of Latchways WinGrip vaccum anchor fall protection system. This was developed in 1999, and provides a single fall protection anchor point for one worker on wings, fuselage or stabilisers. The system offers comfortable hands-free movement for one operative.

It is quickly and easily installed, is highly portable and is particularly suited to line maintenance and other short-term, temporary work. The anchor is positioned and vacuum locked in place. The worker wears a full body harness with safety lanyard and work positioning rope, and is connected to the vacuum anchor. The adjustable work positioning rope provides a safe working radius of 3 metres. A second vacuum anchor can be added to triangulate the system and fix the worker’s position.

Features & Benefits

  • Ideal for short term access
  • System installed and ready for use instantly
  • Extra users protected by simply adding an additional vacuum pad
  • Easily upgraded to Lifeline system
  • 2 pads can be used together to provide a restraint system on the smallest of aircraft
  • Suitable for use with the MSA Latchways Personal Rescue Device (PRD) to facilitate rescue

All WinGrip systems are thoroughly tested to exceed industry requirements.

WinGrip call backWinGrip single user system on a military aircraft wingWinGrip single user system configured as a restraint system