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WinGrip Testing

Latchways WinGrip Testing

Latchways WinGrip testing is carried out at MSA's UK premises to the requirements laid down, overseen and approved/verified by the relevant independent standards agencies. Latchways WinGrip systems are tested above and beyond the requirements to gain a full understanding of how the system performs in extreme circumstances.

MSA's Latchways WinGrip is a vacuum anchor fall protection system for use in aviation maintenance and manufacturing of aircraft. The system allows safe access to all areas of any aircraft and consists of a single pad, or series of pads, that provide anchor points using a vacuum. With the series of pads two lengths of protected cable attach the user, via their safety harness and lanyard, to the system. The system is quick and easy to set up and is used predominantly for restraint, although the system is fall arrest capable.

Latchways WinGrip system has been subjected to a series of exacting tests to verify its performance and to show that it more than meets the demands put upon it.

The tests were carried out to show

  • The fall arrest capability of the system
  • The ground clearance requirements
  • The applied loads acting on the system

Using a single-pad and a four-pad system the tests were carried out externally with an anthropometric drop test dummy and other test masses.

The tests confirmed that Latchways WinGrip successfully arrested the test mass(es) and controlled the resultant loads to acceptable limits.

  • In both wet and dry conditions
  • For single mass and sequential masses (two people falling)
  • From different fall points on the system
  • In correctly fitted scenarios and in conditions of misuse
  • Minimum arrest distance recorded 0.6 m (1.97ft)

Testing video

This drop test shows one 100 kg mass dropped over a distance of 8.8 m with the load transferred onto the midspan of a WinGrip line system with the pads attached to a wet surface.

Wingrip All In One (AIO) testing.


WinGrip system being tested at Latchways HQ