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Company History

Company History

The Latchways brand was founded in 1974 and is acknowledged as the first range of engineered cable-based fall arrest systems.

Over the years MSA has continuously researched new ways of improving worker safety at height while aligning its product range to the evolving needs of the marketplace and the legislation governing it.

In 1982 a patent was granted for the Latchways cable attachment device used in yachting. This was developed into the Latchways Transfastener, which has become a central component in the majority of installed systems across the range. The Transfastener’s unique design ensures worker safety in the event of a fall from height while allowing the worker hands-free access to go about his or her duties.

MSA brought another safety at height innovation to the market in 2001 when it introduced the revolutionary Latchways Constant Force post. This greatly simplifies the installation of roof mounted systems and is applicable to virtually all types of contemporary roofing. The unique Constant Force technology has been incorporated into MSA Latchways horizontal, vertical, inclined, overhead and temporary systems.

HCL, the experts in personal protective equipment for use with fall arrest systems and a leading provider of building safety services, became a registered Latchways installer in 2001 and part of the MSA group in 2015.

In recent years MSA has developed from its traditional centre of Latchways expertise in cable-based fall arrest systems and expanded its product and service offering to encompass the complete range of fall protection solutions and further complement the existing PPE range already offered.

In 2004, the Latchways range expanded with the introduction of WinGrip, which has strong potential beyond the product’s core aerospace applications. In 2007, the WalkSafe walkway system was added to the product offering, providing a designated walkway to accompany the rooftop fall             protection systems.

To complement such carefully structured development, the company has consistently grown its skills and knowledge resources. On the basis of this, a free design and specification service is in place to support clients, architects, contractors and installers.

MSA also monitors legislative developments around the world and maintains close contact with user groups and professional bodies to ensure a quick response with applicable products and services to emerging needs in the marketplace. Importantly, the company’s product leadership is today supported by a global network of highly trained specialist installers and contractor companies.

In the 100 years since its formation, and 40 years since the launch of the Latchways range, MSA has grown to a position of eminence in fall protection solutions. Today the company’s systems set the standards for quality, efficiency and value the world over.

A Latchways transfastener on cableThe absorber coil within a Latchways Constant Force post