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The importance of materials

The importance of materials

MSA has committed extensive research and development to ensure that the right materials are used in Latchways fall protection systems.


  • Every element of a Latchways fall protection system is suitable for purpose. 
  • The quality is such that each component can be relied on to function correctly and arrest a fall at the first time of asking.
    Components are made of materials that have been chosen to give maximum corrosion resistance.


  • A Latchways fall protection system is discreet and will blend with the aesthetics and function of the building or structure to which it is attached.

Low Weight

  • While being of suitable quality, a Latchways cable-based fall protection system is comparatively lightweight and will not encumber a person working while attached to the system.
  • A Latchways system will not put unnecessary strain on the building or structure to which it is fixed.
  • The individual components of a Latchways system are easy to handle, which greatly simplifies the installation procedures.