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Oil & Gas

Oil and Gas Industry Fall Protection

Drilling Rig Fall Protection for the Oil and Gas Industry

Whether you are working offshore or onshore, MSA has a range of Latchways fall protection systems and products suitable for use within the harsh environments such as on oil platforms. Whether requiring fall protection to carry out general maintenance, rig up and rig down activities, servicing the pipe racks or ascending/descending the derrick ladder, MSA will have a suitable fall protection solution available.

MSA Latchways SRLs

The Latchways Sealed SRLs (self retracting lifelines/inertia reels) provide the perfect fall protection solution for use in and around drilling platforms such as on the derrick or rig crown and ideally for all offshore work. The Latchways SRLs feature a user friendly 100% reliable locking mechanism, which needs only a visual, audible and tactile inspection on an annual basis. Their user friendly modern design means the inspection and maintenance can conveniently be done onsite—this saves both time and expense by avoiding offsite recalibration/maintenance as the devices can remain on the rig. The Latchways Sealed SRL holds an ATEX rating as well as IP69k rating—ensuring individual internal components are dust tight as well as making it suitable for high pressure, high temperature wash down operations.

MSA Latchways Cable Systems

Latchways vertical, horizontal and overhead cable fall protection systems can be designed to follow the often complex contours found on rigs, pipe racks, flare stacks, derrick ladders and gantries and have proven reliability in even the harshest climatic and environmental conditions. The quality materials used in the componentry of Latchways’ products are proven durable and reliable in even the worst climatic and environmental conditions, both onshore and offshore.

MSA Latchways PRD—Drilling Rig Rescue/Escape Device

The Latchways Personal Rescue Device is an integrated harness system allowing self-rescue. In the event of a fall the PRD harness suspends the user and then allows them to gently lower themselves to the ground in a controlled descent. The device features a 20 m (65 ft) spool of Aramid rope (UHMwPE rope with Aramid overbraid) which is released at a controlled rate through an integral braking mechanism.


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Callback request buttonInteractive demo of Latchways products used in Oil and Gas industry

Fall Protection for offshore rig work...click for our interactive demo


Derrick Ladder safety system

Vertical Cable Fall Protection for Drilling Rigs


Offshore rig work at height

Cable Fall Protection system on an offshore flare stack


Drilling rig lifeline

Latchways Sealed SRL for Drilling Rigs (land-based and offshore)


Derrick harness and drilling rig escape and rescue

Latchways PRD—(Derrick/Oil Rig harness)