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Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

Personal Protective Equipment

In virtually all industrialised countries, legislation exists dictating that individuals exposed to hazards at height must be provided with, and trained in the use of, PPE. The main PPE consideration is that it should be the last form of protection in a total system caring for an individual’s health and safety.

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Latchways group company HCL offers an extensive range of PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) products and training to complement the Latchways range of safety at height systems.

All fall arrest and fall restraint systems are required to be used in conjunction with PPE that typically comprises a full body harness and lanyard as a minimum. PPE must be compatible and suitable for use with the specific system.

The most popular items of HCL PPE include:

  • Basic lightweight full body harness.
  • Lightweight full body harness with back support.
  • Fall arrest lanyard.
  • Twin tail fall arrest lanyard.
  • Retractable fall arrester.
  • Fall arrest blocks.
  • Flexible anchorage line.
  • Karabiners.
  • Tower rescue kits.

Full details on the HCL range of PPE can be found at www.hclsafety.com or by telephoning HCL in the UK on 0800 212867.


Full body harness attached to a Latchways vertical fall protection system