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Road and rail

Road and rail

With height safety being a major consideration in CP5, is it time to review your Working at Height policies?

MSA has a number of Latchways fall protection systems available for the rail industry to offer hands-free safe access to those working at height on the track, in stations, maintenance depots and across a range of structures.

Areas where fall protection and rescue procedures must be considered include:

  • Signalling install and testing
  • Station refurbishment
  • OLE works
  • Telecoms mast access
  • Rolling stock maintenance depots

MSA Latchways Personal Rescue Device

If one of your engineers was to fall, ask yourself the following:

  • How quickly they would he be brought down to safety?
  • What impact would it have on delivery?
  • How confident am I that my staff could use the rescue kit?
  • Would ground controls work on the RRV?
  • Importantly could the rescue process be done with upmost safety and not bring additional hazards such as crushing or placement of another worker at risk?

Luckily you are not alone in asking these questions, as MSA and many others did also. To provide an answer and solution, MSA developed one of the most significant safety innovations to date—The Latchways Personal Rescue Device® (PRD®). If a worker falls from height, they now have the ability to lower themselves down to the ground in seconds without having to endanger a second party, or needing any specialist training.

Latchways PRD for use in road and rail applications

Latchways Self Retracting Lifeline

MSA has produced the most advanced self-retracting lifelines (SRLs) on the market through a combination of innovative engineering, superior materials and futuristic design. The modular construction of a Latchways Self-Retracting Lifeline not only preserves the quality of the product but also allows for quick and easy inspection—as well as full on-site recertification. The on-site inspection and recertification saves operators both time and money making the Latchways SRLs the most cost-efficient range on the market giving the best ‘return on investment’.

Latchways SRL for use in road and rail applications

Latchways Horizontal Overhead cable systems

Latchways overhead systems combine MSA's’ unique knowledge of fall arrest load control with innovative Constant Force technology in a solution that is flexible to use, strong, durable and easy to install. Workers attached to the Latchways system have maximum accessibility and hands-free mobility to safely go about their duties.

Latchways overhead systems are ideal for industrial environments such as maintenance depots and are suitable for use in conjunction with Latchways SRLs and the Latchways Personal Rescue Device.

The use of high tension stainless steel cabling and the integration of MSA's’ unique constant force technology allows for single spans of up to 60 m and so significantly reduces the quantity of costly supports and anchoring points compared with conventional rail systems. Much longer systems are possible with a multi-span solutions featuring intermediate supports at 60 m intervals. Latchways systems also easily accommodates changes in direction.

Latchways overhead systems for use in road and rail applications

Road and rail callback

ManSafe SRL for road and rail applications