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Guardrail Systems - VersiRail

Guardrail Sytems—VersiRail

MSA's Latchways VersiRail system restricts access to fall hazards and provides an aesthetic collective/passive protection solution for worker safety at height. It is quick and easy to install and can be used on virtually any flat roof surface up to a 4° pitch.

Aesthetics and installation flexibility are crucial factors in VersiRail's design. The system is available in three finishes: untreated, polished or powder coated to a specific RAL colour, and in four different flexible solutions; straight upright, curved upright, inclined upright and folding (freestanding only). The combination of finish and style options ensure that the VersiRail system will full intergrate into any building design. Similarly, the wide range of available components enables the system layout to be configured to ideally suit the collective protection need.

Constructed from aluminium, the system is lightweight and easy to transport. Installation is quick and easy with VersiRail available as a freestanding or fixed system.

  • VersiRail system is a non-penetrative barrier system for guarding users against falls from height.
  • Design and installation has been indepenently tested and conforms to EN 13374.
  • Applicable for use on flat roofs up to a maximum pitch of 4°.
  • Counterbalances can be positioned on the inside or outside of the VersiRail.
  • Easy to assemble on site—uses EZ-FIX components.
  • Can be configured to provide a guarded walkway across a roof as well a roof edge guard.
  • Choice of corner units provide uninterrupted protection.
  • End sections can be fixed directly to a wall where appropriate.  


  • Installation should be undertaken by suitably qualified and trained personnel only.

User Instructions

  • The VersiRail is intended to be used as a barrier to prevent personnel from falling over the edge of a building or structure. Under no circumstances should the user try to move the system: doing so will invalidate any site certification.
  • Before commencing work next to a section of the VersiRail, apply light pressure to the top rail to check for excess movement of the rail or fixings. This will indicate whether or not the assembly has been tampered with since installation.
  • After a fall of a person or an object towards or into the VersiRail system, it should be inspected by a suitably qualified person before the system  is used again.
  • VersiRail should not be used in snow or icy conditions.
  • Access to guarded areas should be restricted in high wind conditions (i.e. 35 – 40 mph).
  • VersiRail must not be used as an anchor, lifting or abseiling point.

For further information on any aspect of MSA's Latchways roofing or industry solutions, including full installation and inspection instructions contact the Latchways team.

Latchways VersiRail provides collective fall protection

VersiRail Call Back

Latchways VersiRail is the attractive guardrail solution