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WalkSafe Fall-proof Covers

WalkSafe Fragile Roof Covers

The installation of fragile roof fall protection is imperative where fragile roof access is required. If it is not possible install fall arrest systems, then the installation of passive collection protection such as Fall-Proof Covers or Rooflight Covers will ensure that fall hazards are guarded.

WalkSafe fragile roof fall protection is easily installed and neither training nor specialist PPE are required for use—thus eliminating the possibility of user error. Both fall-proof covers and Rooflight covers can be used adjacent to WalkSafe walkways on flat or pitched fragile roofs and can work independently of—or ideally in conjunction with—other MSA fall protection solutions.

Fall-Proof Covers

Constructed on a 50 mm bearer—to the same design as the MSA Latchways WalkSafe walkways, but with wider spacings—the WalkSafe fall-proof covers have an optional contrasting red strip to indicate the start of a fragile surface; highlighting to system users the need for care and attention whilst working in these areas.

Rooflight Covers (Skylight Covers)

WalkSafe rooflight fall protection covers can be used where in-plane rooflights (skylights) are installed to protect workers from falling through rooflights. WalkSafe is a bespoke range and solutions can be tailored as required—such as barrel-vaulted rooflights.

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WalkSafe Fall-proof covers for fragile roofs

WalkSafe Fall-proof covers for fragile roofs


Skylight fall protection covers

Skylight fall protection covers

WalkSafe Rooflight Covers


Rooflight fall protection covers

WalkSafe Barrel-Vaulted Rooflight Covers