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WalkSafe for Secret-fix Roofing

WalkSafe roof walkway systems—Secret-fix roofs

WalkSafe walkways have been designed with a number of key features and benefits, to work with all major roof types and has approval from all the major manufacturers.

Walkway Installation and Configuration

WalkSafe is affixed to the roofing panels using special non-penetrative secret-fix clamps which do not compromise the integrity of the roof.

Manufacturer Approval

MSA has established close working relationships with the leading roofing system manufacturers from each of the key market segments. In many cases, the use of Latchways products is directly linked to the overall roofing warranty/ guarantee offered by the roofing manufacturer. This is based on extensive product development, compatibility and the overall integrity of the finished roof. To find our specification details for a specific roof type please contact Latchways' specification team.

WalkSafe call back

Access walkway for a secret fix roof

WalkSafe on a secret-fix roof