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Wind energy

Wind Energy

Whether onshore or offshore, we provide high performance, durable systems for use during  construction, operations and maintenance right through to decommissioning—ensuring the safety of your technicians when working at height, even in the harshest environments.

The Latchways Sealed Self Retracting Lifeline (SRL)—when combined with a fixed, custom-made post—allows safe, unhindered access from vessel to turbine. Once inside the turbine, the tailored cable system for internal aluminium ladders provides safe, permanent attachment without the need to remove the cable from the intermediate wire guides allowing safe ground to nacelle transition.

Tailored and Compatible solutions

MSA's in-depth knowledge of both the fall protection and energy industries means they can offer a tailored solution depending on your requirements. When Latchways is specified, time is spent with the turbine manufacturers to develop optimum solutions suiting their specific tower internals.

Latchways systems can be specified at the project design stage and installed at the time of construction. Solutions have been designed to ensure systems can be used in conjunction with lifts and climb assist. Several major retrofit programmes have been completed for key clients. Specific clients have also requested testing using their chosen harness.

Turbine manufacturers we work with: Vestas, Nordex, GE, Siemens, AER, Alstom Ecotecnia, REpower UK.

Wind farm owners we work with: E.ON, RES, Scottish Power, DONG, SCIRA, Scottish and Southern Energy Airtricity, RWE npower renewables.

Compatible with tower internals from: Zarges, Hailo and Avanti.

MSA Latchways Sealed SRL Offshore Projects

MSA Latchways Systems

For access to offshore turbines

The Latchways Sealed SRL offers a dependable means of fall protection whilst climbing any offshore wind turbine access ladder. Designed to work in the harshest conditions, the Sealed SRL has undergone extensive, independently verified testing to ensure consistent, reliable performance. The Sealed SRL has been developed with a number of unique features to provide a smarter, safer, stronger and better alternative to traditional SRLs.

For ascending the internal ladder of a turbine

A vertical cable-based fall protection system allows a hands-free unhindered solution for ascending the ladder within a turbine, suitable for both new build and retrofit. The system has been designed to be used with the TowerLatch® unit—a device that secures the climber to the cable via the chest D-ring on their harness. In the event of a fall the device immediately locks onto the cable and a built-in webbing strop then facilitates a rescue using the cut away technique. MSA has successfully tested its vertical fall protection products in accordance with the European Standards EN 353-1:2002 and American Standard ANSI Z359.14-2012. In addition, MSA has performed additional tests recommended by both the HSE and RenewableUK (formerly BWEA) – these tests were conducted at TUV/NEL.


Single Point Anchors

Single Point Anchors can be considered for use at various points within the turbine and also in the Nacelle. Anchors can be installed on either side of the ladder at each intermediate platform to allow safe attachment/detachment, to/from the system using approved PPE. In accordance with EN 50308, the Latchways Heavy Duty D-rings are painted yellow.

Temporary Rope System

This system provides temporary fall protection during the construction phase of an onshore wind turbine. Latchways Single Point anchors are installed onto the turbine ladder at the point of manufacture and provide a top and bottom anchor onto which the temporary rope system is fitted.

Industry Partnerships

Latchways is an active member of RenewableUK, EWEA and AWEA.